Blogger's Top Tips on Rocking Out Jewelry

Blogger's Top Tips on Rocking Out Jewelry

Today, it's all about mixing, layering, and stacking jewelry. Creating your own individual style is about having fun and being confident in your own choices. It's about effortlessly switching between dainty jewelry to statement accessories. 

Our fashion bloggers showcase how they wear Audaviv jewelry. Below are their top tips for rocking your jewelry. Scroll below to get inspired with their pictures!

  • Mix & Match Styles  - Mix different patterns, textures and styles. Wear dainty jewelry with bolder pieces. Don't be afraid to combine styles to create a look that's truly yours.
  • Wear Silver, Gold & Rose Gold - You don't have to wear only one metal at a time. The new trend is to combine silver, gold and rose gold. 
  • Create Minimalistic & Bold Looks: Using the same jewelry, you can create completely different looks. For daintier, more minimalistic styles, wear a max of 1-3 pieces. For bolder statements, layer and stack on!

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