Behind The Scenes Interview: TAMARZIZT Paris

Behind The Scenes Interview: TAMARZIZT Paris
We invite you to get to know one of the most exciting fashion jewelry designers from Paris - TAMARZIZT. We discovered TAMARZIZT at Fashion Week.
In an exclusive interview with Audaviv,  Oumaima Tamarzizt - the force behind TAMARZIZT Paris - shares her story and inspiration. 
Tell us about your personal background. How does it influence TAMARZIZT?

I was born and raised in Tunisia until I was 22 when I moved to Paris to finish my studies. Today, I live in Paris, but I'm always close to my roots and I go back a lot to Tunisia, being there is really home for me and it inspires me, it also takes off the edge of Paris and I believe it shows in some of my collections.

What made you launch TAMARZIZT?
I wanted to have a brand of my own, the express myself freely in my designs and to follow my own path. When working as a consultant for brands, I always had to follow the guidelines and inspiration of the brands. I wanted to write my own DNA.
Your jewelry designs are so original, how do you get inspired? 
I get inspired by life in general, by everyday things, lines, colors and people. I also try to think outside the box, to offer something new and unique.
Tell us more about the quality behind TAMARZIZT jewelry? Everything is made in Paris!
Absolutely, everything is made in Paris, after I'm done drawing and designing. To me, since my pieces are very unique, they require people who can come up with fabrication solutions, who understand exactly what I need. Also, the quality offered by those small ateliers in Paris is really great; they also offer small quantity production. Only the best ateliers lasted through time and they often offer their outstanding services for the ready-to-wear collections of the most exquisite fashion brands. It is also very important for me that gold-plating is of quality, so my pieces can be worn even longer.
How is your jewelry made? Tell us about the process? 

It usually starts with an idea and a drawing, I then build a prototype with the workshop which I wear for some days to make sure I get the feeling I wanted. When I'm sure that I'm happy or after making modification, I launch a production batch. I spend a lot of time with the ateliers I'm working with to make sure everything is made as I need.

What do you wish to accomplish with TAMARZIZT in the future? What's your vision?

I would like to continue great collaborations with websites such as Audaviv, who truly understand my philosophy. I would like to expand to more retail stores and in the near future having a store of my own.

What's your favorite part about being in the jewelry space?

Just one word: Creation! 

What do you want women to feel when they wear TAMARZIZT?

I want them to feel different, unique and free. To play with the jewels I created.

What sets you apart from other designers?

My cultural mix and energy allows me to explore new designs. I'm also never stuck to one type of creation which is why my collections are sometimes very eclectic.

What have you learned so far in this business?

Fashion jewelry I believe is a bit closer to fashion than to jewelry, therefore, you have to be really on top of fashion, really looking forward and very responsive to the customers.

What's your favorite place in the world and why?

My favorite place is India, colorful, such a diverse and rich culture, so many colors and motives. It inspires me very much. 

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