Keeping it Classy: Minimalistic Style Inspo

Keeping it Classy: Minimalistic Style Inspo

A minimalistic style instantly gives you an aura of sophistication and class. It's gentle on the eye and evokes a feeling of balance. White, nude, black and grays are ideal colors. These colors work well all year. White is a favorite, especially during spring and summer. 

You can wear a minimalistic style at the office, or for an outing in the city. Of course, the devil is always in the details and the jewelry you wear should augment your style - not take over. Dainty and minimal jewelry will never steal the show. Rather, fine jewelry is the last finishing touch you should never leave home without. 

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Audaviv: Minimalistic Style Blogger Mesmerize Fashion

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Audaviv: Style Blogger Mesmerize Fashion

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Audaviv: Featuring Mesmerize Fashion Blogger

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