Danish Design Meets Jewelry

Danish Design Meets Jewelry

Danish design is known for its clean, minimalistic aesthetic and when that concept meets jewelry, it's a match made in heaven! That's exactly why we love Louise Kragh - delicate jewelry handcrafted in Denmark. 

We discovered Louise Kragh during Berlin Fashion Week. Louise Kragh jewelry is an iconic Scandinavian designer brand. The brand stays true to its origins and produces everything right in Aarhus Denmark.

We particularly love the recent introductions, which truly bring out the best of Danish design. Our favorites are the Embrace, Sphere, Raw Diamond and Enamel collections. These Louise Kragh's most sleek and minimalistic lines. They are also some of our bestsellers!

Besides having that Scandinavian flair, the jewelry itself is very fine. Louise Kragh maintains the highest quality standards in jewelry, using only 925 sterling silver, 24k grade gold and natural gemstones such as raw diamonds and rubies.

Discover our curated collection of Louise Kragh jewelry. You can't go wrong with our selected favorites. 


Louise Kragh HangAround Earrings

Louise Kragh Danish Jewelry

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