New Favorites: The Mesh Band Bracelets!

New Favorites: The Mesh Band Bracelets!

What's the big thing with mesh band bracelets lately? Well, at first glance a mesh bracelet may look like a watch, but then you notice it doesn't have a face on it! Let's be honest...who wears a watch for functional reasons anyway? Most of us actually wear watches purely as a fashion accessory - and when we need to know the time, we end up checking our phones.

Mesh band bracelets have the sleek and minimal look of a watch, but you have more options and flexibility. You can wear the mesh bracelets alone or add charms and motifs to them. We have a few mesh bracelets that already include trendy charms (see below for some current favorites). 

The durable mesh band is made out of stainless steel. It's available in multiple colors - silver, gold and rose gold. We also have one in a combination of silver and rose gold detailing. The mesh bands are simple and minimalistic and you can easily stack along with other bracelets. 

Discover our mesh bracelets from PURELEI.

PURELEI Anchor Mesh Bracelet

PURELEI Silver & Rose Mesh BraceletPURELEI Rose Gold Mesh BraceletPURELEI Dream Big Mesh Bracelet

PURELEI Dream Big Rose Gold Mesh Band


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