Top 10 Jewelry Trends To Expect In 2017

Top 10 Jewelry Trends To Expect In 2017
A must-read for every jewelry enthusiast. These are the top 10 jewelry trends we expect moving into 2017.
  1. CHOKERS: The 90s beloved little accessory has officially made a come-back and that trend will flourish in 2017. Choker innovation is at its finest. The 90s choker is constantly being reinvented, and jewelry designers are coming up with new and surprising choices. 
  2. SYMBOLS: Symbols are a way to express a value or dream without actually having to explicitly state it. When it comes to jewelry, symbols are appearing more and more. You can expect to see bracelets, necklaces, rings and other accessories with symbolic pendants. Everything from more traditional symbols (e.g. hearts and stars) to more abstract and unexpected motifs. Popular pendants lately have been moons, wishbones, pretzels and eyes.
  3. LAYERING:  Creating a layered look is a creative, stylish process. You can layer your jewelry - whether it's on your neck, wrist, fingers or even ears! Delicate pieces lend themselves perfectly to layering. What makes layering popular is that it gives you the ability to create one-of-a-kind looks. Buying a ready-made layered necklace is one thing, but being able to create your own look by combining your favorite jewelry is truly a way of expressing your personal style.
  4. ROSE GOLD: The pink metal, made from a copper alloy, will continue to be a stylish alternative. The rose gold trend is growing. It's been a popular choice in Europe and is spreading across the globe, as jewelry lovers opt for an alternative to silver and gold. Rose gold jewelry offers something truly distinctive that cannot quite be met by gold or silver - rose gold is a sweeter, dreamier and more feminine choice. Rose gold also works well on all skin tones. The softer ‘blush’ color of rose gold jewelry makes it a great choice for neutral tones and monochromatic outfits. 
  5. MIXING METALS: As the love for rose gold jewelry continues to grow, so does the choice of mixing. Many trendsetters now opt for wearing multiple colors at the same time - rose, silver and gold, rather than limiting themselves to only one metal. Silver and rose gold, for instance, look exceptionally well together. Many jewelry pieces now also combine all three metal colors in one.
  6. PAIRING WATCHES: The fashion watch trend will continue, and consumers will have more options than ever - both in terms of style, materials and price points. The trend will continue with pairing sleek fashion watches with bracelets and bangles. 
  7. MINIMAL DESIGN: Minimal, clean and simple design has become the new ‘more.’ Jewelry that overtakes an outfit and screams for attention has become almost an outdated style. The more sophisticated and minimalistic, ‘less is more’ style is reflective of the Danish Design movement that has been enchanting the world across all segments.
  8. MIDI RINGS: Midi rings, rings worn on the tip of the finger (or as a little pinky finger) are tiny little accessories that can add plenty of flair to your outfit. Expect to see more of these in 2017. 
  9. MAKING IT PERSONAL: Personalization is a trend across most industries today - whether it's personalizing a cell phone case or having a custom-designed handbag, customers often want something very specific to meet their needs. The same is true within jewelry. Many customers love having the option to customize their jewelry - whether it means engraving a special phrase on a bracelet or selecting their own color elements for a special occasion.
  10. EARRING GAME: There is a lot of playfulness and experimentation within the earring category. Everything from combining studs with longer earrings to wearing a single earring piece. Long loop-through earrings are also becoming a popular alternative to colorful, statement earrings. They are simple and delicate and can be easily dressed up or down.

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