Winter-Inspired Delicate Jewelry

Winter-Inspired Delicate Jewelry

Though some may disagree, winter is a very beautiful season. The purity of snow, the excuse to cuddle by a fireplace and drink hot chocolate, the chance to hit the slopes for some skiing (or snow boarding if you prefer). It's a magical time - when one stops and appreciates its uniqueness. The mesmerizing details of snow flakes, both the nature and world cities covered in snow, and the long crystal icicles drooping off rooftops. 

For those of you that love the charm of winter, we've brought you a special collection of delicate jewelry with an ode to the cold. Simple and intricate shapes mixed with luminescent opal stones give the jewelry a wintery, magical mood. The best part is, you can really wear this jewelry all year long. 

This collection of minimal, dainty jewelry features opal stones, rose gold or gold on solid 925 sterling silver and brilliant zirconia stones in both white and black. The pieces are unique and delicate, perfect for layering.

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