about us


Audaviv is the online destination for the jewelry enthusiast. At Audaviv, you can always look forward to discovering quality, stylish jewelry from independent designer brands. Our brand portfolio and products are always fresh, as we handpick our favorite jewelry from around the world. 

We maintain a very high standard for the jewelry brands we carry, searching for the brands offering the ideal mix of style & design, quality and accessible price point. We travel the world and attend fashion shows searching for the hidden gems in the jewelry space: exciting, up-and-coming designers as well as brands that are already celebrated within their own countries. The designer brands we carry have been featured in fashion magazines, including the likes of Harper's Baazar, Elle, Vogue and InStyle. 

The brands we carry are never mass produced - you'll never find thousands of replicas of anything you purchase at Audaviv. 

As a boutique business, you can count on a highly personalized and attentive experience when shopping at Audaviv. 


Lynette Kruk is originally from the Chicago area. She's managing the Audaviv firm from Germany, where she's currently based. Lynette is known for moving countries, traveling, and seeking out new experiences and adventures. The name behind Audaviv reflects her life philosophy: 'auda' means audacity and 'viv' means life. Audaviv stands for for more than jewelry - it reflects an attitude and way of life. It means to live your life boldly, with an adventurous and open spirit.

Prior to launching Audaviv in 2015, Lynette spent several years providing marketing analytics and consumer insight services to global multinationals. 

Lynette holds a MS in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Literature. In her spare time, she loves sipping on lattes, exercising, traveling and spending time with her friends and family. 

"I left my corporate career to launch my own business. Building a new business has been an incredible journey. It's been so fulfilling and I continue to learn so much every day! It's so rewarding to create value, to offer women something that's been missing for them. As our business continues to grow every day with new jewelry enthusiasts around the world, I realize that many other women have been feeling the same way I have all along! They're truly excited when they discover Audaviv.


Audaviv has been a way for me to share part of my lifestyle with other women around the world. I've always been a jewelry enthusiast myself, so launching a company purely dedicated to this space felt natural. Accessories have always been a way for me to express my style - adding a little something extra to my look whether I was out in the city, giving a client presentation or having a typical day in the office. But over the years, I frankly got tired (and bored) of seeing the same brands and mass produced jewelry available at department stores. I longed for something different...something special. That's what we offer at Audaviv. I invite you to shop with us!" - Lynette